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03 Possible Ideas To Generate Leads On Instagram

03 Possible Ideas To Generate Leads On Instagram

Even after Instagram being a social media giant, most marketers do not believe in it being one of the top lead-generating platforms of today’s era. But if business owners start using the best approaches, they can yield a lot from this social networking site itself.

So, getting started off straight, social media leads are potentially the visitors interested in the products and services of your brand and provide information on the platform for the advertisers to follow up.

Today, there are about 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, and 80% of them get associated with one or more business profiles, which indicates them being a potential customer to the brand.

So, if you are not already looking forward to Instagram for lead generation, you are surely missing out on something pretty significant.

How To Use Instagram For Effective Lead Generation?

Watch out for the following tips to make the most out of Instagram for generating more leads for your business.

Go All Creative With Your Instagram Posts

Have you seen Instagram stories, posts, IGTVs, and reels having a fascinating call-to-action button compelling you to tap on the same? Yes, that’s where it all starts from. You can go all out and put up CTA buttons saying “Click the Link in Our Bio,” “Swipe up,” or “Shop now” perfectly blended with the most appropriate content to entice your visitors to click on the same.

Your visuals and the CTAs must go hand in hand. Always strive to provide a reason for the users to do so. Again do not overcrowd the content. Leave some space around and let the call-to-action buttons do all the magic

Make The Most Out Of the “Link in bio” Space

Instagram bio, the best corner of the platform to put forth your most valuable words to make your visitors explore more, but that is limited to 150 characters. But does that stop you from deliberately speaking more about your business to your audience? No, you can just amp up the entire game by putting a custom link in your Instagram bio.

Let me start by introducing you to one of the top-performing “Link in bio” solutions in the market- Mylinkie

Mylinkie is an excellent independent bio link generator that works wonderfully to help you create a landing page fully customized according to your preferences. The tool lets you add numerous links redirecting the visitor to your other social media profiles, YouTube channel, Story highlights, preferable hashtags, and more.

With Mylinkie, you can select the theme of your niche, add a background, personalize the about me section, add on your brand logo, and check on your profile picture to create a thoroughly new world for your visitors to explore more about your business.

Start Using Instagram Lead Advertisements

The most obvious way to generate more leads on Instagram is by sharing promotional content. The lead ads help brands get their hands on the potential customer information to follow them up later. Also, these ads craft the way for brands to enhance their marketing campaigns by gaining customer insights and more.

It’s A Wrap!

So, bringing it all together we believe, Instagram is the best platform to generate more leads through CTAs and lead ads. Also, when you have a bio link generator solution like Mylinkie in your hands, you can go all out and create the perfect custom landing page for your visitors.

Also, with Mylinkie’s analytical graph of visitors, you can rest assured with a better conversion of visitors to followers and followers to customers.

We hope the article helped you recognize Instagram as the best lead-generating platform in 2021. Is there something on which we missed out? If yes, please mention them in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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