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How To Add Music To Instagram Post (Video post, reels and Stories)

How To Add Music To Instagram Post (Video post, reels and Stories)

How To Add Music To Instagram Post (Video post, reels and Stories)

Today, when the entire digital world is getting more creative, simply putting up a picture of something about your day is not enough. With numerous inventive features within Instagram, you can stand one step ahead of your competitors by providing an uplift to your content. And the most exciting way to do that is by adding music.

Read on to find out how we add music to Instagram posts, stories, and reels on the platform itself.

Where Do You Find The Right Kind Of Music To Add?

Before getting started with how you can add soothing music that beautifully gets along with the post you share and provides an aesthetic feel, let us remind you Instagram does not entertain non-licensed music to get added to the content.

So, whenever you think of adding music to your posts, stories or reels, make sure you are double sure about the music you use.

How To Add Music To Instagram Posts?

Instagram does not have an in-app music library from which you get to choose the music you wish to add. Hence, you have to make use of a third-party music application to get started.

So, once you have your favorite music application to add music to your posts, open the app, select the video content you wish to post, select the perfect track, trim the video to 60 secs and save. Then, go on to Instagram and post the video as you commonly would.

How To Add Music To Instagram Stories?

Adding music to Instagram Stories is a lot more uncomplicated than doing the same for a post, and all thanks to the in-app music library feature. There are thousands of licensed music from which you get to choose.

So, to add music to Instagram Story content, you need to go to the Stories section in the app, tap on the stickers menu and select the Music option. Moving on, you need to find the relevant music to your content and add it. You can pick out from the multiple text options available, and you can also trim the music according to your preference.

And voila! Your Instagram Story is all set to go live.

Since we are talking about Instagram features to make the platform more informative and creative for your brand, let me introduce you to another great tool that can make you drive more traffic.

Mylinkie is a “Link in bio” solution that works beautifully to help you create a unique URL that goes into your Instagram bio and make your visitors enter a landing page exclusively designed for your brand.

With Mylinkie, you can add your informative Instagram Story links in one place, which makes it more accessible for your visitors to interact with them. Not just that, you can add multiple social media profiles, favorite links, relevant hashtags, upcoming events, contests, and more with which you wish to outstretch to your audience.

As we say, you can personalize your landing page, we indicate that you can add your brand logo, profile picture, background image, themes, colors, and more to make the page speak completely about your brand and the niche you follow.

How To Add Music To Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels also share a similar music library as that of the Stories. Hence whatever format you choose for your reels video, you can add music to them in these few uncomplicated steps.

Here’s how: Go to the reels section in the app, either record a new video or choose one from your camera roll., tap on the music icon and navigate to the song you wish to add. Select the part of music you want to add to your video content (up to 15 seconds) and post.

Bringing It All Together

Instagram’s in-app music feature helps you select from thousands of licensed music and add them to your posts. However, if you wish to go a little more creative, you can use a third-party application to add music similarly. Either way, we aim to create unique and appealing content to attract more users.

Did you find the article informative? Are there some go-to third-party applications that you use daily? If yes, please let us know about the same in the comments below!

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