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The Importance Of Appending Memoirs in Your Links

The Importance Of Appending Memoirs in Your Links

The Importance Of Appending Memoirs in Your Links

The link in the Instagram bio is a valuable asset for your brand. You can make the perfect use of it to drive more traffic and sales to your official website, add a product shopping page, link to your multiple social media profiles, and help your target audience know more about your brand.

But when the Instagram bio space lets you insert only one URL, it can seem a little daunting to the business owners. It can be a headache to keep updating the link for any event to redirect your followers to a particular page.

So, to cut down on all these hassles, you can get your hands on a “Link in bio” solution like Mylinkie. The tool lets you create a custom landing page tagging all your necessary links, and generating the best clickable URL to insert in your Instagram bio.

How Does Mylinkie Work?

Mylinkie can help you create the perfect landing page by letting you choose from its 03 different variants: Lite Link, Profile, and Mini Site.

So once you enter into the Mylinkie dashboard by correctly entering the Email Id and password, you can pick out the category that fits perfectly for your brand.

Moving on, when you first enter, you get to personalize the landing page by adding a profile picture, brand logo, background image, and selecting a theme.

After then you can play with vibrant colors to add a color scheme of icons and borders that suits your theme.

The next step is adding all your favorites and go-to links with which you wish your visitors to interact. You can go on inserting multiple links redirecting the user to pages that add more value to your brand. You can also look forward to mentioning your Instagram story links and relevant hashtags to the custom page.

You can also add a suitable description that will compel your visitors to search more about your business on the landing page. So, once you believe the changes you made are good to go, check the preview before finalizing them.

And yeah! You have just created the best landing page with Mylinkie acquiring every significant link to your online presence, which can help you drive more sales. So, when this link goes in your Instagram bio, you do not have to bother about altering it whenever you have an upcoming event.

How To Let Your Audience Know About The Link In Bio?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Whenever you post content in your Instagram feed, make sure you craft a catchy saleable description or caption ending with a CTA. Now, precisely the call-to-action should be something like “Check Out The Link In Bio,” which will compel the users to click on the same.

Did the article help you find the best bio link generator tool to add all your significant links in one place? Is there any more guidance you are looking for? Please reach out to us through the comments below!

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