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Create Catchy Landing with Mylinkie

Create Catchy Landing with Mylinkie

Using an Instagram business account to promote your business has numerous perks in hand. But it becomes pretty annoying when the social media platform limits you to add specific characters to your Instagram bio when it is one of the best places to showcase something significant.

Mylinkie is one of the best “Link in bio” solutions that enables its users to build a custom landing page touching all the key elements of their business. Whether it is your official website or multiple social media platforms, or a link to your blog section, Mylinkie offers 03 different variants to beautifully design a landing page and create a unique URL to put up in your Instagram bio.

Mylinkie makes it super easy for marketers to send visitors straightaway to a page where they can explore every section of your business, starting from your website to your upcoming events, contests/giveaways, blogs, newsletters, and more. Let’s see how it goes.

Steps To Build The Perfect Landing Page With Mylinkie

As discussed earlier, Mylinkie presents the users with 03 well-defined categories:

  • Lite Link
  • Profile
  • Mini Site

The first step is to pick out a category with which you wish to get started. Nevertheless, it can get upgraded with time.

So, let us start with Lite Link and check what all features it offers.

Lite Link

After successfully logging in to the Mylinkie dashboard by entering your email Id, password to generate an OTP, click on My Links and then on Lite Link.

The Lite Link is the simplest version of creating a landing page on Mylinkie. So, when you enter into the world of Lite Link, you can find various categories which can get customized.

Let’s get started by adding a theme that runs throughout the landing page. The profile picture with Lite Link remains the same as your Instagram profile. But you can add a background image that you can pick out from the bunch of pictures, available to give an aesthetic feel, or you can play with unique colors to make the entire page look more catchy.

Moving forward, you can customize the logo and replace it with your brand logo to make it completely personalized. Moreover, you can link all your social media profiles to make it a single point of contact to make your visitors reach out to check your online presence on various platforms.


The Profile is one step ahead of Lite Link. Along with the features of Lite Link, the Profile has something more to it. Let us find out.

When you get started, by default, the profile picture remains the same as the one in your Instagram profile, but it can get altered with the Profile category. You can also change the background image, theme, icon style, button, and border colors on the page to provide a more positive outlook.

Moving on, with the Profile category, you can add a title and subtitle to make the landing page more personalized along with the logo. Also, you can go ahead with mentioning other social media profiles and adding other favorite links to the list.

Mini Site

Mini Site is the most advanced version of the links in Mylinkie. In this category, every section is customizable, making it easier and fun for the users to turn the landing page perfectly into something that speaks clearly about the business they run.

All the way from theme to the brand logo, social media links, favorite links, color scheme, title, subtitle, and description, everything can get personalized. Along with this, Mini Site enables the users to add Story links, mention their go-to hashtags by creating a library that they wish to highlight, and also check the preview before applying the changes to see if everything is in place.

There are a few fundamental features that work for all the 03 variants in Mylinkie. Add your favorite links, social media profile links, and prioritize any link to keep it on the top. Also, you get to insert a leap link that shows up on your landing page for a specific time interval. Also, you can turn on and off any category according to your preferences.

Apart from all these, Mylinkie tracks the analytics of viewers visiting your landing and specifically calculates the users clicking on each link, and shows a graphical representation, making it much more straightforward for you to check your conversions in real-time.

Get Started Mylinke “Link in bio” Solution Today!

Using Mylinkie is a quick and effortless way to engage your audience with your brand, redirect them to your official website, drive more sales and create higher audience engagement in all your promotional events.

Pick out the specific category and get started with building the best landing page that makes sure to drive your visitors through the conversion funnel.

We hope the article helped you know the steps to create a unique and appealing landing page with Mylinkie. Do you want to add something more to the content to enlighten our audience? If yes, then please put it in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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